Made Onshore, Made Local

this is willow garments are made here in Toronto, Canada. Why onshore? Why local? Local production allows for smaller batches, more nimble production, and avoids over production. We can also easily ensure quality working conditions when we can just pop on over (not to say that you cannot manage for ethical labour practices through regular audit reports for overseas manufacturing). We'll break down below why these are good things.

First off, let's define this as slow fashion. Slow fashion is clothing production that is made with thought and care for people and the environment. It's slow because it's not Fast Fashion. Slow fashion moves away from that conveyor belt of consumption we're used to: buy, wear, throw out. Rinse and repeat. 

With small batch production we only make enough to meet customer demand, and we can more quickly respond to events in the market. This avoids wasted production when making 1000+ units, a huge problem with the big fashion brands. In 2018, H&M revealed that they had $4.3B worth of unsold stock. What did this number climb to during the height of the pandemic? this is willow will produce closer to 50 dresses at a time, and we can quickly produce more in another small batch. 

this is willow provides well-made clothing, made to last, by workers paid a living wage, in materials that have been sustainably and ethically sourced. When wearing a this is willow garment, you are not only investing in yourself, but also in your community.

Look out for our next blog on sustainable fashion!