5 Ways to Style your Sustainable Maxi-Dress

Sometimes you just love an item in your closet, but are stumped as to further ways to wear it. We've talked about this before, the importance of increasing the number of wears our clothes get, as it's one of the ways we can be more eco-friendly

Here, we look at 5 ways you can style your sustainable maxi-dress. Digital creator Nicol helped us out here. 

1. Classic, with flats and your favourite bag

You cannot go wrong with flats. A maxi-dress with flats allows you to go about your day with ease...whether it's out with friends or your significant other for brunch or to enjoy date night (forever grateful for babysitters). 

Digital creator for sustainable brands Nicol, is wearing the black deema sustainable maxi-dress with black fancy flats and a grey shoulder purse


2. Office ready with loafers, vest and belt

It's amazing how a vest and chunky belt can provide a completely different look.  

Nicol stands in front of the camera in the black deema sustainable maxi-dress from this is willow. She has pulled a black vest over top, added a belt at her natural waist, chunky gold jewelry and is holding a grey purse

3. Casual, with sneakers and a sweater

Nicol (@inthelifeofgrey) has inspired us to break out our sneakers. This third look Nicol donned is just so clean, we love it! Nicol poses in her this is willow sustainable maxi-dress in white sneakers and a light grey sweater thrown over her shoulders. Her hands are in the maxi-dress pockets.


4. Have fun with chunky boots

Pairing a maxi-dress with chunky boots is sort of unexpected, which makes the combo a good bit of fun. Tammy looks edgy and confident in black lace-up boots, our Deema Maxi-Dress, and killer posture.

Tammy wears the deema sustainable maxi-dress in black. She's sitting on the couch, leaning forward with a manspread pose and chunky boots

Image: Kit Chan

5. Flirty in sandals

So we don't have a photo of this...yet. Sandals are a summer favourite. We just love the feeling of a dress swishing over the skin of your feet. It feels like a warm summer night that you don't want to end. Plus, a pop of colour from a pedi makes us feel just that much extra gorgeous (we already are, but more-so). Hmmm, we're thinking of a sixth look - on walk along the beach with the sand between our toes and our sandals dangling from one hand.

Take a look at Nicol's Reel and let us know your favourite look! Better yet, send us a picture of yourself wearing your this is willow dress. You can send it via email: <hello@thisiswillow.ca> or tag us on instagram